Full Stack Devs (JavaScript; Nodejs)


- Work closely in teams to develop softwares mainly for Japanese customers

- Develop reliable, scalable and maintainable applications based on specs

- Design system architectures according to our customer's needs

- Consider about better UI/UX or internal logics with team members and output your idea

- Write test codes and perform some tests cooperating with QA/QC members

- Research new technologies or techniques to develop better applications

- Report to Japanese managers and customers in English

Necessary condition

- More than 3 years of experience in WEB application development

- English reading skill to understand spec documents, requirements, etc

- English writing skill to communicate by text in development

- Following skills and knowledge

  ・At least 1 Javascript frontend framework: React, Vue.js, Angular, etc

  ・At least 1 Node.js backend frameworks: Express.js, AdonisJS, etc

  ・Any Javascript testing frameworks: Jest, Mocha, etc

  ・Experience with Typescript

  ・Experience with any Databases

  ・NoSQL Database skills: Firestore, MongoDB, etc

  ・Relational Database skills: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, etc

- Experience in team development with Git

- Experience with Docker in software development

Preferred skill

- Experience with software design is desirable

- Experience with development team management

- Following skills and knowledge

  ・Experience with CI tools is highly (Github Actions, Circle CI, Jenkins, etc)

  ・Experience with Google Cloud Platform is highly (Experience with AWS or Microsoft Azure )

  ・Experience with Kubernetes is highly

  ・Mobile App development skills (Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, etc)

  ・Any other experience with these languages and frameworks:

  ・PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter)

  ・Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

  ・Java (Spring)

  ・Python (Django, Flask)

  ・C# (.NET core)



- Attractive income based on individual ability of each employee

- Most of the time working from home, combined with working at the office, flexible working time

- Bonus for Tet Holiday: 1-month salary

- Marriage bonus, childbirth bonus, summer bonus.

- Provide insurance for 100% employee

- Will be provided tools, equipments suitable for work such as MacBook Pro

- Paid holiday: 12 days/year, unused paid holiday will be paid according to company’s policy; off on 31st December without salary deduction

- Annual company trip (in case there’s no annual company trip, employee will receive the trip fee), annual health check

- Chance use foreign languages regularly

- Always have snack, tea, and coffee to use

- Employees are encouraged to express their own thoughts freely, and are  to develop own individual ability.

- Can join regularly party for staff.

- Access to new and diversified technologies

Contact: diem.nba@mmh.co.jp